Birth Doula

As a Birth Doula I offer continuity of support throughout labour and aim to help people have a positive birth experience.

I always like to meet with clients first before they decide if they would like to book me or not. Making sure we get along is the most important thing! We start by talking about what sort of birth you would like. As a Doula, I will offer you evidence based research so you can decide on what feels right for you… I will be there by your side whatever you decide.

Once someone has booked me, we usually have two 1½ to 2 hour sessions (between 28 & 31 weeks and 32 & 35 weeks… unless you are a late booker).

At these sessions we can cover whatever is important to you. If you would like to consider something like a water birth, hypnobirthing or placenta encapsulation, I can help with that too.

Antenatal sessions generally cover topics such as how a Doula and another birth partner (if there is one) can help in labour, birth physiology, the different stages of labour, pain management options, positions for labour, what to pack in a birth bag and the practicalities of what will happen once a woman goes into labour.

I will come to a couple at home as soon as they would like me to and I will stay there alongside you until after the baby has been born… whether that takes 3 hours or 3 days!

As part of my birth package I will also come and see you at home a few days after the birth of your baby.

I also offer a Postnatal Doula Service for people that would like help and support in the first few weeks of parenting.

Claudia, St. Albans, Herts.
“Fern's intuition is amazing. Without any words, she knew exactly what I needed, when and how to touch or massage me and when to step back. I couldn't have had a more blissful birth and Fern played a huge part in it. For me, "doula-ing" is an act of love. And Fern sure has plenty of it. She was incredibly caring and so genuine, it was a joy to have her by my side and I feel so grateful to her for protecting my daughter's and my space so that I could birth her the way I wanted to. ”

Meera, Kings Langley, Herts
“I decided to engage Fern's doula services because my husband was working abroad during the week and we wanted to ensure I had the support if he couldn't arrive for the birth in time. Luckily I went into labour on a Saturday but we had warmed to Fern so much that we had decided to have her present through the birth regardless. I would recommend Fern's doula service to anyone, she prepared me well before the birth and she was able to ensure that I was calm and supported throughout the birth process and consequently I had a much more positive birthing experience the second time around!”
Olga, Watford, Herts
“Fern was my doula for the home birth of my third child. I could write hundreds of words how her presence took my birthing experience to another level, but I will stick with 'she was my rock' and I rocked my labour thanks to her. When I think of Fern, I also think of character from Peter Pan. The big sister... She was like a sister to me there and then. Using the right touch, positive language and protecting my birth choices all the way through. She believed in me - as big sisters do - and surrounded me and my family with wonderful and loving energy. I cannot thank her enough. Her presence was the best present our family received this year. Well, second best right after arrival of our little one ;).”
A, London.
“Words cannot explain how Fern's presence and support helped before during and after the birth of our little prince. During labour, she was there from the very beginning, early morning, she helped with massaging, breathing and was a great listener too, we couldn't ask for a better doula. Fern is gifted, just by looking at her eyes you can see that she is doing her job with love and passion, giving it all that she has, can't recommend her enough’. ”
Sabine, London.
“Being pregnant with our first child I was nervous about birth especially towards the end of the pregnancy. Within the first few minutes of meeting Fern, I knew we have found the right person. Fern's birth support was amazing. Without her, I wouldn't have had the same birth experience as I had (birth pool with only gas/air and no problems). ”